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Android Devices

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Pre-configured IPTV Smarter App

Pre-configured IPTV Smarter App

  1. Download and install the EDGE TV Pre-configured IPTV Smarters App using this link:
  2. You will find the download in your apps section in file browser/local/downloads. Just select the EDGE APK file and install.
  3. Open the application.
  4. Select setup as TV.
  5. Please place your order including your Username and Password at checkout.
  6. Once you receive confirmation email, Enter the Username and Password you selected when placing you order and LOGIN.
  7. Download each section… Live TV, Movies, and Series.
  8. The guide information will take a few moments to download and install.
  9. Now you’re all set. ENJOY!

IPTV Smarters setup instructions click HERE

STB Emulator App

(MAC address subscription required)

Compatible with almost any Android device Android 5.0 or better, including cell phones and tablets. Apps can be downloaded using by accessing the Edge TV website using the web browser of your Android device.

Download and install STB Emulator and setup follow the instructions by clicking HERE

stb emu pro